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Turning up the heat:

How can toxicologists contribute to research on impacts of climate change?

Dr. Derek Muir | Monday February 23, 2015 from 6:00 - 9: 00 pm - The Woods Alehouse


The impact of climate change are one of the major scientific issues of our time. Some would argue that it is the most pressing issue. Research on it is very multidisciplinary, with contributions from the physical, biological, medical, and social sciences.  But within the biological sciences the topic is largely dominated by ecologists and the related sciences that they use to interpret data (chemical, physical etc). Toxicological sciences, even those dealing with ecosystems, seem to have been largely left out of the discussion. So how can toxicologists contribute? This presentation will make some suggestions based on results of a recent SETAC workshop on the influence of global climate change and the applications of environmental toxicology (see ET&C vol 32  (1) 2013) which I attended, and on my own research experience.

derek muir.jpg

Dr. Derek Muir


Derek Muir is a Senior Research Scientist with Environment Canada’s Water Sciences and Technology Directorate in Burlington ON and is an adjunct professor in the School of Environmental Sciences at University of Guelph and in the Dept of Chemistry at University of Toronto.  He studies sources, fate and bioaccumulation of persistent organic pollutants, mercury, and heavy metals in the freshwater, marine, and terrestrial environments with particularly emphasis on the Arctic.

Senior Research Scientist and Section Head, Environment Canada; Adjunct Professor, University of Guelph and Adjunct Professor, University of Toronto

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